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Indoor Event Support Services


Tiger Tea can offer outsourced support to busy event management companies. Find out how we can act as a "virtual office" to help you through those busy times.


· Experience - Tiger Tea offers many years of hands-on experience in conference and event organising from the small one day seminar to large, multi-day international events; from the most delicate handling of clients, budgets and accounts to the grind of collating delegate packs and erecting display boards. We've done it all.


· Flexibility - Tiger Tea can take on as much or as little work as you like. We can host for a day or take on delegate registration or speaker liaison for an event. Or we can take on an entire event on your behalf. Check out the services we offer our own clients. We can do all this for you and more.


· Virtual Office - You know yourself how much of your work is done over the phone or internet. With the advances in technology and communication, Tiger Tea doesn't have to sit in your office at a desk next to your own in order to do the job. We can offer a virtual office to work alongside yours.


· Security and Confidentiality - When working for you, Tiger Tea works as part of your team. Your client need never know that we are a support group. All work undertaken is treated with the strictest confidence and sensitivity. We will maintain your good name and reputation. Our own good name and reputation depend on that!


· Calm amidst the Storm - You will find Tiger Tea to be patient, polite, calm and smiling. Even during the most hectic of events we keep our cool ! We take an interest in making your event the best possible!


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